Sunday, January 27, 2013

Creating Momology

The suffix -logy means 'study of'. I am starting this blog because I have learned over the last two years of being a mom that it is an ongoing study, there are no hard-fast rules to follow, and the stories and musings of other bloggers has been sanity saving since I discovered all of you out there. We need to share with each other, and be there for each other, desperately. Plus, the word 'momology' is just cool, and I couldn't convince my partner in crime, I mean business, to let us use it for our baby swag venture.

Meanwhile, as I write this, I have had to change two poopy diapers (on the same kid) one regular diaper, feed two babies breakfast, pump breastmilk, and now I have my 2 year old begging to go play with his choo choo upstairs. I have to open the gate to let him upstairs. Very easy to do. But I also have to go lock the baby's room so that 2 year old doesn't go in there and crawl into the bed with the 8 month old. When this first happened, my husband and I said 'aw! how sweet! he wants to sleep with his brother!' and envisioned the lifetime relationship/bond developing between them- the two Ochoa boys against the world, running and flipping through life together like some sort of cloned Jackie Chans, never letting the other fall off the wall. I don't know why they are jumping onto walls. Insert tasteless Mexican joke here. I digress.

That feeling of sweetness and bonding (which was only experienced by us, I am sure) was shattered when, one day, when they were supposed to be napping, I ran upstairs when the sleeping baby started hard crying (you know the kind I mean) and I found 2 year old Benjamin jumping on the baby. Yeah. Fuzzy feeling gone. Thank goodness Benjamin is skinny and the mattress gives a lot.

Now I feel I must insert apologetic and defensive words about how Benjamin is a totally normal 2 year old (he's not quite 2 yet, but he is in the way that all of his skills are 2, so he's 2.) He loves his brother in that 'let me hug you now let me ignore you and accidentally on purpose sit on you' way that is typical of his age. He's a sweetie head, especially when he wants something. His baby brother worships him. I know this probably equals big trouble in a few years. Benjamin loves to sing, loves to hug, loves to have conversations about 'who is this? what is this? where is that?' and play with messy things. He still kisses with his mouth wide open, like a baby. When he was one year old he became enamored of a Russian Opera singer and walked around the house imitating the movements and vocalizing he saw on YouTube- on key. Extremely entertaining kid. I adore him. He made me a mother. He changed me on a cellular level. Literally.

Right now I can hear him grunting next to his train table. Sigh. Third poopy diaper. Then laundry, then maybe I will get to shower before I go off to enjoy my Sunday. This is how this blog will be- Starting with one topic, and moving around as I am distracted and pulled (by the hand, by Benjamin) in different directions. Mostly I hope it helps me focus on the important things while I navigate through mommyhood. I hope it reminds me to laugh at all the ridiculously cool things my kids come up with. I hope it reminds you to laugh, too.

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