Saturday, February 9, 2013

On these rare, quiet occassions

It is a truth that if I sit down with the computer to write my blog about mental health, balance, and emotional nurturing for mothers because my house is so quiet and the boys are taking good of them will wake up. This time it is Peter. Its not his fault (clearly). I took too long to get my butt sitting down with the computer.

This is where Benjamin naps now. He started out like this:
That's right, he fell asleep watching tv. That's the only way he naps now. Judge me, go ahead. I am completely fine with it. 

So I suppose I should go get Peter. Benjamin actually just woke up as well and is on my bed with me, his head on my leg. He smells a bit so I am going to go change his diaper. 

We'll meet up later and talk about those other things I mentioned, yes? Great!

quick P.S. 
Benjamin fell back asleep on my bed! bonus nap!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Zoo Trip Story. Sort of.

Two nights ago, when my husband was on another surprise OT (its always a surprise to me when he goes, even though he signs up for them and tells me ahead of time) I stood at the computer trying to organize my thoughts for this blog and instead started reading blogs while I munched a dark chocolate bar. I was congratulating myself on my healthy desserty snack choice when I idly glanced at the nutritional information....WTF. I had just consumed about 600 calories of chocolate. ack.
 I need to hire someone to be my chocolate holder. If someone is not holding the rest of the chocolate bar away from me, I will eat it until its gone. Strangely, this only happens with dark chocolate. Milk chocolate, meh. I can take it or leave it. I guess I need to switch to milk chocolate...

I take a break from this blog to report that my 8 month old just STOOD UP. HE IS PULLING HIMSELF UP ON THE LEGO BAG. AAAAARRRRRRGGGGH. When he was born I was determined to tie his ankles together, but I got distracted by how cute his legs were when they waved around free from restraints. I was going to tie his ankles together because his brother took his first steps at 9 months. By 10 months he was walking across rooms and by 11 months he was RUNNING INTO TRAFFIC. Not really. But that's how it felt.

Anyway, we went to the zoo a couple of days ago and I decided to just let Benjamin walk while I pushed Peter around in the stroller. I really really want to tell you this story- I have been trying to write this blog for three days but Ben gave up naps so its been difficult finding the time and now Peter just woke up as I put down one of our little friends for a nap (Ben is out with dad and grandpa)
. track zoo story is Ben loved the gorillas and the chimps, and the SEALS made him start yelling something that sounded like 'let's go! let's go! let's go!' at the seals, so maybe he wanted to help them escape? Or jump in with them? I am not sure. After that I tried to get him to leave, so he immediately tried to jump into the waterfall outside the seal tank, then he tried to jump into the duck pond, then he tried to run away to the elephants (does it count as running away when he tells me where he's going?) so I switched him into the stroller with Peter sitting on the cement and carried Peter out held high against my shoulder so my back wouldn't twinge.

Coming soon...WWAMD???  AM is a very good friend of my family's...she's this huge fan of the McKenzie sisters, which is hilarious to us, because we are huge fans of hers. She recently taught me about pumping breastmilk while driving. She is hilarious, kind, hard working, and a wonderful mother. My new mantra in dealing with my daily frustrations is WWAMD? What would AM do? Because it usually involves laughing.

Question: do I negate this poopless blog entry by pointing out that its the 2nd blog entry in a row without poop featuring? Its my blog, I decide nay, and celebrate!

Pictures next time! maybe! baby calling! muah! (that's kissing off instead signing off in case you were wondering)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

and in other news...

Please Please Please leave comments and feedback for me on my Facebook if you can't do it on this page. You can leave comments for me if you are on a computer- but not by smartphone, which is really stupid in my opinion.  I am trying to resolve the issue, but not having any luck thus far.

In other news...Coming to a webpage near you, Momology! Elizabeth Schichtel and I are taking her amazing creations from Cheeky Bunz Diapers and adding new, original, and beautiful handmade cuddly baby things to a line of mama products and luxuries. Check out Liz's, her Etsy shop of the same name, and please like her on Facebook!  She is so so talented, and I am really stoked about the opportunity to create for a living while learning from a master seamstress.

In other news...The other night  I watched Benjamin play until he dropped, exhausted, on his uncle's lap. Peter went to bed at 7, but then woke up at ten and rejoined the party. They were both up at 7am. I don't understand how this works. It is a truth about babies and young children that however late they stay up and however rough a night they have, they will be bright eyed and bushy tailed at least 2 hours before you are ready to drag your butt out of bed. I have yet to meet the toddler that isn't a morning person. While its maddening and exhausting, there's a certain beauty to it. Every day, regardless of how the night before went, Benjamin and Peter are excited to greet us and the day. Eager to reconnect with their world, they walk around the house smiling at their toys, their milk cup, their tv program, their high chair, their parents. They fuss at getting their diapers changed as if to say 'hurry UP I have LIFE to live and WONDERS to explore and you are holding me UP!'

Meanwhile, after they are changed, fed, and my coffee is ready, I curl up on the floor in my bathrobe, watching a Golden Girls marathon, clutching my coffee mug and wondering if I'd had too much wine the night before. The boys played, oblivious to my discomfort of course, and we had a really pleasant morning followed by more vegging during the Super Bowl. The game was pretty exciting, but I wasn't uber impressed by the commercials. Let's face it, I really didn't get to watch it. Oh well.

Benjamin just walked up to me and started singing 'I will Wait I will wait for you'. Shout out to Mumford and Sons.

If you check out my Facebook page you can see Benjamin singing for yourself- Not sure when this became the new song around my house, but my little guy has some strong music preferences!