Saturday, February 9, 2013

On these rare, quiet occassions

It is a truth that if I sit down with the computer to write my blog about mental health, balance, and emotional nurturing for mothers because my house is so quiet and the boys are taking good of them will wake up. This time it is Peter. Its not his fault (clearly). I took too long to get my butt sitting down with the computer.

This is where Benjamin naps now. He started out like this:
That's right, he fell asleep watching tv. That's the only way he naps now. Judge me, go ahead. I am completely fine with it. 

So I suppose I should go get Peter. Benjamin actually just woke up as well and is on my bed with me, his head on my leg. He smells a bit so I am going to go change his diaper. 

We'll meet up later and talk about those other things I mentioned, yes? Great!

quick P.S. 
Benjamin fell back asleep on my bed! bonus nap!

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